Buy with Bidwell

As your partners and advocates in real estate, we at Bidwell Properties Group are committed to protecting our clients' best interests. We are here to advise you on neighborhoods of interest, market dynamics, and your financing options. We will happily connect you to top-notch lenders on their A-game as well. We take great pride in hustling hard and fast to achieve successful outcomes for our Buyers. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on your next move!


Initial Consultation

The metro DC real estate market is fast-paced, hyper-local, and exciting. As your partners and advocates in real estate, we will be here to guide you through every step of the way. Through the initial Buyer Consultation, we will discuss your goals, financing options, and help you create practical Action Steps forward to achieve successful outcomes. We believe that honesty is the best time-saver, and we promise to always shoot straight with our clients.


The Home Search

Once you connect with a reputable lender, we will begin your home search in earnest. As a team, we invest our full attention and energy into every client through our knowledge, expertise, and top-notch service. As agents, we are not only reactive to your requests, but we are uniquely proactive in our search for your next home. When ready, we will work with you on crafting an offer strategy that is based on real-time data and market dynamics, all while protecting your best interests.


Contract To Close

Once all parties agree to the terms of a contract, our agents and Operations team will coordinate the many moving parts to see you to the Settlement table! We will connect you to our trusted home inspectors, dependable title attorneys, and other contractors whose services you may need. We will work closely with you and the lender to confirm that we meet all the scheduled deadlines and ensure that the journey to the Settlement table is as smooth and seamless as possible.